718-train-cover|718: The Instrumental album|

|About The Project|
Take a stroll with me around the borough of Queens, Ny. I wanted to capture and relive the essence of the streets where I was raised. So each beat presents to you a different element and vibe from a certain part of the borough I’ve traveled throughout my time there.

|The Sound|
I brought the horns out on this project, along with raw boom bap hip hop drum breaks mixed with smooth melodic soulful 70’s samples to ease the mind and induce full head nodding motion. There’s definitely something on this project for everyone who enjoys good music and likes to zone out and think creatively..



“That open hat on 86 Strawberry… whew!
Digging this Rhodes on The Essence too.
Masquerade is dope. That sample has such a great bassline that you could have afforded to put a low pass on it at some points (a la Pete Rock). Especially considering the theme is New York. That low pass is a staple in boom bap.
Either way, that sh*t is as smooth as silk. Good sh*t!”
-Ant Mcqueen
“Boy these beats smooth G, no gas no troll good sh*t keep grinding!”
-Special Edd
This is complete fire bruh, can I get a beat?
-LeMar G
“Sounds good you got that old school NYC feel. I can use something different to rap on for the fun of it. Very refreshing.”
“The Essence bro.
I wish I could get my drums as grooving as yours. This sh*t goes man.
“Sounds dooope so far mane, tight work mane”
-Trilluminati GA

Get right>>>

“86 strawberry is dope, I was hearing Nasir on that joint”
“86 strawberry damn”
“Pretty good pretty good bro, got a large professor feel and I like it”
That intro track homie, success!
Halfway through & these junts is ridin

smooth, I’m diggin it

“I gave the project a listen
Breaks, soul, and jazz samples
Chilled out smooth vibe throughout
The project was cool
My criticism is I would have liked more variation in track feels, tempo, and the drums to hit a bit harder. It was just too chill throughout.
Maybe that’s what you were going for and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your vibe and primarily the mood you want to set, but it doesn’t provide for an engaging listen throughout for me.
Overall, it’s good work. You know what you’re doing. You got skill and a good ear. I appreciate all the classics you sampled and the usage of classic breaks.”
-Rhyming Joints




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1. Intro (86' Strawberry) 2. Authority 3. The Essense 4. Get Right 5. Moving On 6. Good Morning 7. Made For You 8. Stars n Stripes 9. Masquerade 10. Shallow Waters 11. Butter Soft Leathers 12. I Got You 13. 90's Era 14. You Know How 15. Keys To The City 16. The Only one 17. Grand Central Parkway 18. Wanna Be 19. Can We Live