Tutorial: Main Synth Sound In Joe Budden – She Don’t Put It Down (FL Studio + Nexus 2)



Ever heard a sound in the song and wondered what instrument and tweaks were used to produce that sound? 

Well this FL Studio tutorial shows you how to get that main melody synth sound heard through-out Joe Budden’s song “she don’t put it down”. Check video and directions below!


[youtube value=”IrGvhqgJuGM” width=570 height=365 ]



Directions: I used FL Studio 10 and Nexus 2 Vst 

1. Insert Nexus vst 2 to channel
2. Select “Splits and Sequences
3. Select SQ Eurosplit
4. Go To Mod and under portamento click “trg”
5. Go down to reverb fx mix knob and tweak to 56
6. Go to Delay fx tweak mix knob to 32
7. Go To Master filter, click on, tweak cutoff knob to 110
8. Enjoy!

Leave comments below or on video if this helped you.