The Making Of “Dipset Anthem” With The Heatmakerz’s Rsonist | Deconstructed


Rsonist and Thrilla make up The Heatmakerz, a New York-based production duo who has worked with The Diplomats, Lil Wayne, Ghostface Killah and more. One of the duo’s most notable production credits is on The Diplomats’ 2003 hit “Dipset Anthem.”

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9th Wonder – “Rhythm Roulette”


9th wonder 1


After linking up at The Record Krate in Raleigh, Mass Appeal joined 9th back at his studio to watch the master at work. With Charly McClain, Jermaine Jackson, and The Temprees at his disposal, the GRAMMY award-winning producer warmed up with a few quick flips before ultimately chopping up Lovemen. The final result was so crazy, Rapsody immediately hopped in the booth to bless it with a proper verse.



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Zaytoven Lists Steps To Independent Success In The Industry


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Famed producer Zaytoven has seen many wins in his career. From 1999 to today, the producer has worked with the likes of music’s finest like Nicki Minaj, Usher, The Migos, Gucci Mane and more.

In this exclusive interview with VladTV, Zaytoven reveals how he came to reach such successful wins and how he managed to do so as an independent artist in the music industry.

First, Zay explains how working extensively on your craft can help cultivate a distinct sound. While he didn’t reach success until 2004, he says the time doesn’t exist anymore for new acts because of viral fame. Making beats everyday and showcasing his work with artists helped his name build buzz. 

Another tip Zaytoven recommends is staying true to yourself. Following the independent path inside and out has kept him grounded. He explains how Gucci Mane found faith in him because he used organs and piano sounds in his beats. Since it wasn’t the trendy sound spreading around Atlanta, Gucci was impressed by his work. 

Lastly, Zaytoven says the “favor of God” has given him success. He prays and keeps a spiritual balance when it comes to his life path.


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RZA Keynote | SXSW Live 2015 | SXSW ON


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.36.50 AM

RZA is a multi-Grammy® award-winning producer, BAFTA nominated film composer, recording artist and actor. He is a prominent figure in hip hop music and the creator/producer of the Wu-Tang Clan. RZA has scored for filmmakers Ridley Scott, Jim Jarmusch, Michael Mann and Quentin Tarantino. He also scored the Emmy-nominated American adaptation of the Japanese anime Afro Samurai, executive produced by and starring Samuel L. Jackson. RZA’s on-screen credits include: Mr. Right, Gang Related, The Man With The Iron Fists, American Gangster, Funny People, Due Date, The Next Three Days and G.I. Joe 2.



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Alchemist Reveals His Most Classic Hip-Hop Production


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.40.03 AM

The Alchemist sat down with VladTV and shared what he feels is his most classic production, who he’d like to work with in the future, and what mixtape he’s been listening to lately.

While the revered beatsmith has classic productions for Nas, Jadakiss, Eminem and a list of others under his belt, Alchemist named Prodigy’s “Keep it Thoro” as his most classic rap beat that still gets Hip-Hop heads hyped. When it comes to future collaborators, he feels it’s less about the name and more about the chemistry. He also reveals that he’s been listening to the new Drake mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s too Late, a lot lately, with his favorite song being “6pm in New York.”


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