Maschine Masters Presents: Road to Success w/ Foreign Allegiance Ep.6


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In this series we hang out with super producers Foreign Allegiance to get an idea of what it takes to be successful producer in the music industry. This episode highlights some footage from studio sessions and what you have to do to make things work.


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How To Optimize Your Windows PC for DJing & Music Production



Are you experiencing lagging, audio drop-outs, or over all slow performance while producing music or djing on your pc?

Well here are some tips to optimize your Windows PC for DJing and music production. Watch this step by step process on how to turn your Windows PC from an average computer to a music production and performance machine, learn optimization tips from updating your BIOS and downloading updates to selecting ASIO drivers and preventing CPU spikes.


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DJ Pain 1: Copyrighting Your Audio Work (Painspectives 2)


dj pain 1

Dj Pain 1 is back with another edition to the Painspective series. This time he address the benefits and complications of U.S. copyright law and what that means for independent musicians, producers and songwriters.

He also answers questions such as should I copyright my music? Do I have rights to my music without a formal copyright? What happens if my music gets infringed on? Continue reading