Young Guru says Hip Hop is NOT a color based thing


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Young Guru talks with Nick Huff Barili about making the transition from being Jay Z engineer to teaching at USC. Along with talking about Hip Hop in academia, Guru addresses “Curators” in Hip Hop who don’t know the roots of the culture and haven’t even listened to KRS-One’s Criminal Minded album or a De La Soul album. “If you don’t control what it is it can easily become something else,” Young Guru said. “If you don’t take and accept who you are someone else is gonna take your culture and flip it and do something else to it and not give you the credit for it.  

Guru states that it’s important for people who know and care about the culture to teach it and preserve it. Guru states that Hip Hop is lucky that its forefathers are still around and that we should make sure to learn from them while they are still alive. Guru goes on to say that Hip Hop is not a color based thing.


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Young Guru [through Google Glass]


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Meet Young Guru. He’s a Glass Explorer, acclaimed DJ, producer and audio engineer who has helped shape the sound of music legends including Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. Join him as he explores the Los Angeles soundscape on the hunt for inspiration to create a new track.

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3 Questions with Young Guru


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Young Guru answers 3 questions pertaining to his career, his inspiration for starting out in music, the turning point of his career and gives advice to aspiring producers on having their own sound.

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Young Guru Drops Knowledge at Grammy U’s “Era of the Engineer”




DJ Skee introduces Young Guru at Grammy U’s “Era of the Engineer”.

Having worked with heavy hitters like Jay-Z, Eminem and Rihanna,
Young Guru stresses the importance of being an engineer in today’s major
industry recordings while offering professional and personal insight
into the music industry of today.


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